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About Us

Steve Walczak

Visionary general management executive, incisive marketing strategist, and consumer authority who has successfully built multiple lending businesses in various economic circumstances. Steve built an unsecured personal loan business from scratch for a Fortune 500 company. Launched at the end of 2007, during one of the worst periods in our economic cycle, the business has been profitable from year one and has grown to over $5B in loans with an ROA over 5.00%.

Created and launched another unsecured personal loan business in 2012 for a midsized bank that has grown to over $500 million in loans with an ROA above 5%.

Previously, as SEVP and Business Leader for MBNA America (now Bank of America), Steve spearheaded the company’s personal loan business. In a dramatic turnaround, the business quintupled net income in three years to over $100 million.

Steve also served as President of MBNA Insurance services, and EVP and COO of Aon Direct Group, where he reversed a four year trend of declining net income and revenue to 15% revenue and 20% profit growth. Steve holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a B.S. with High Honors from State University of New York, College at Oswego.

Deb Doughty

Business Development and Operations leader who has delivered stellar sales, financial, and operating results in senior executive roles with corporations including Bank of America, MBNA America, AON Direct Group, and The Green Tree Group.

Deb has successfully built new businesses from scratch, led entry into new markets, forged strategic partnerships, and turned around distressed operations. Throughout her career, Deb has been recognized as the preferred resource for organizations’ most challenging, high profile, and mission critical initiatives.

Deb holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Rutgers University.


Steve Walczak



Deb Doughty

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